Corrosion Protection

Thanks to long partnerships with industrial producers, corrosion protection has always been an important topic for STALOC.

Regardless of whether this is primary corrosion protection on repaired or revamped parts (e.g. revamping hot-dip galvanised parts with high quality zinc sprays) or transport and storage preservation, you’re always on the safe side with STALOC corrosion protection products.

Storage and transport preservation

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KORROTECH 1000 SQ-1001 non-greasy lubricant

  • Displaces moisture from mechanical and electrical devices
  • Clean, non-grease lubricant
  • Oil and wax free storage preservation (VCI)
  • 360° valve
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KORROTECH 2000 SQ-1002 high performance protective oil

  • Excellent lubrication and protection characteristics for the highest demands
  • Water repellent and corrosion inhibiting protective film with unique flow properties
  • Excellent protection for hunting and service weapons
  • Protects parts in storage for up to one year
  • 360° valve
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KORROTECH 3000 SQ-1003 high performance corrosion protection

  • First-class, transparent storage and transport preservation
  • Adhering, plastic ductile and water-repellent protective film
  • Excellent for transporting machines and plants overseas, as well as for storing exposed parts outdoors
  • Long-term protection thanks to "self-healing effect"
  • Protects parts in storage for up to two years
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KORROTECH SQ-1004 anticorrosive

  • Wax like, colourless anticorrosive for tool and storage preservation
  • Excellent adhesion

Primary corrosion protection

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Alu spray SQ-900

  • First-class anticorrosive
  • Used to finish aluminium and aluminium coloured surfaces
  • Abrasion resistant and temperature resistant up to +800°C
  • Shake well!
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Rust converter

  • Stops and deactivates rust
  • For servicing and maintenance work in industry, trade, the automotive industry, agriculture, ship building, etc.
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Stainless steel paint SQ-950

  • Abrasion resistant coating for stainless steel
  • To revamp weld seams (e.g. in ventilation systems, façade and steel structures)
  • Temperature resistant to +300°C
  • Shake well!
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Zinc spray SQ-800

  • Outstanding corrosion protection
  • Can be painted
  • Heat resistant up to 500°C, 95% zinc content in the dry matter
  • Shake well!
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Zinc spray, clear, SQ-850

  • For repairing galvanised parts
  • Abrasion resistant, temperature resistant to +490°C
  • Dries fast and can be welded over
  • Shake well!

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