Research and

Our technicians and laboratory assistants understand your order in a practical and application-oriented manner in the product development, adjustment and improvement areas. We are our customers’ partners for implementing concrete product and process developments in order to include gluing, lubricating, sealing or preservation in the assembly, manufacturing, production and maintenance processes.

The challenges in the production industry, particularly in the joining technology sector, are always changing and heading towards a joint between different substrates. We support small companies, medium-sized enterprises and large industrial producers with the best possible solution for these tasks.
Composite materials, highly tempered steels, high-strength sheet metals or thermoplastic and thermoset plastics are therefore the focal point for us in order to enable our customers to master future requirements. We test our products together with our customers in accompanying field tests. This ensures that the products can be guaranteed to be suitable for a wide field of applications (not under laboratory conditions).

Last but not least, we develop individual formulations for our partners’ special applications.
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